Objects and Purposes

The Objects and Purposes of the Trust are as follows:
To establish a volunteer team of specialist professionals, business persons and without limiting to any other or all types of entrepreneurs to provide free assistance to the needy and underprivileged youths who are unable to be gainfully employed or are not able to commence with any business ventures despite their academic achievements and work experience in the field of their expertise or interests, with the aim to establish a not to profit Philanthropic objective.

In furtherance of its objects, the types of services the Trust may provide, may include the following:

(a) Any type of business venture which may include but not limited to any professional field, Information Technology, manufacturing, industrial, retail, wholesale, import/export, farming, agriculture, horticulture and any type of business venture, social activity or entrepreneurship for its philanthropic objective. with facilities adequate to carry out the aforementioned services;

(b) providing advice, assistance and support through qualified professionals on business related conflicts and difficulties with a view to a seamless progression and operations of the business enterprise.

(c) Providing, where possible, complementary and/or supplementary networking, conferences, seminars, webinars and any other form of training and education to the individuals and their business operational structures and/or legal structures to enable them to efficiently manage the operation of their business ventures, continuity and sustainability.

(d) Providing, where possible, office space, equipment and instruments required for any services including any complementary and supplementary services as well, and as set out in 3.1.2 (a) to (c)

To undertake other charitable and community projects for the benefit of the citizens of New Zealand, as determined by the board in relation to their objects and purposes.

To accept gifts of all kinds and collect donations in cash or kind from the general public, companies and institutions of every kind in New Zealand and any other country(s) to carry out the Objects and Purposes of the Trust.

To organise functions, events and activities of such type or manner as the Board may think fit from time to time to raise funds to further the aims and Objects and Purposes of the Trust.

To undertake such other work which the Trust may conveniently carry out in connection with or in promotion of any of its Objects and Purposes of the Trust.